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Posts by: William D. McConnaughy
Income Tax Debt Relief

Income tax debt relief can take many forms when you’re ready to negotiate with the IRS. When you don’t have the money to pay your income taxes, it can seem hopeless as the IRS notices pile up on the desk. But the truth is here are several ways[…]

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Help With Tax Debt

Anyone who knows they need help with tax debt should seek assistance immediately. Too many people try to seek tax relief by personally negotiating with the IRS, and the results are disastrous. The IRS knows most taxpayers don’t have a good understanding of their taxpayer rights and will[…]

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Help with IRS Tax Problems

You can get help with IRS tax problems no matter what kind of problem you’re experiencing. The IRS has very heavy-handed tax collection procedures, but that doesn’t mean you have no recourse. It just means you need help dealing with the IRS, because they are a government agency[…]

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Help with IRS Tax Debt

You can get help with an IRS tax debt by retaining a tax negotiator who has the experience and knowledge. As a taxpayer you have a lot of rights which the IRS won’t bother to tell you about during the collection process. Having a tax negotiator on the[…]

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Help with IRS Tax Debt Problems

You should seek help with IRS tax debt problems before the problem gets too large. It’s much easier to resolve a problem when it’s relatively new rather than wait until the problem has grown to large proportions. A tax negotiator can show you had to arrange an installment[…]

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Help With IRS Problem

Getting help with an IRS problem is certainly possible when you turn to an expert negotiator. Problems with the IRS are frightening, because most people have heard the horror stories of asset seizures and wage garnishments. But a horror story doesn’t have to become your story when you[…]

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Help Settling Tax Debt

When you need help settling tax debt, there’s really only one choice – an experienced tax attorney that has proven the ability to obtain successful resolution through negotiations with the IRS. Many people turn to their local accountant to negotiate with the IRS and are surprised when the[…]

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Getting Tax Relief

Some people are fooled into thinking that getting tax relief isn’t necessary when it takes a while for the IRS to begin sending delinquent tax notices. But like an arrow hitting its mark, eventually the IRS will find you. When it does you will probably owe taxes, penalties[…]

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Federal Income Tax Relief

It should be well-known by now you can get federal income tax relief, but in fact a lot of people are still unaware of this fact. There are a number of ways to negotiate a settlement or payment agreement with the IRS. Unfortunately the IRS will probably be[…]

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