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William Douglas McConnaughy, CPA

I was an IRS Revenue Agent for 4 years, this experience provided me an insider knowledge about how the IRS personnel think, what pressures they’re under, and how to work with them successfully. When you hire me as your representative I personally manage your case, not some junior associate getting on-the-job training.

I began my company in March of 1990, and since then I have successfully resolved all types of situations and cases, currently well over 5,000. My administrative staff are highly trained, always polite and consummately professional. Giving my best to each and every case is a matter of pride, and no matter what your tax situation or accounting needs you can rest assured that I employ a conscientious approach with every account and client.

Experience includes:

  • A Master’s Degree in Taxation
  • Over 28 years of professional tax experience
  • Four years working as an IRS Revenue Agent
  • Successfully resolved over 5,000 cases
  • Completes 40 hours of continuing education and training each year
  • Committed to keeping up-to-date on the latest legislation and amendments to the tax code

If you wish to experience the great power of relief and peace of mind by dealing with your financial problems with help from a CPA, call my office today!

When you contact my office you will have the opportunity to schedule a free case evaluation. During your consultation, we can discuss your financial goals and needs over the phone or in person.

I can provide you with a solution that can take away the energy-sapping and emotionally draining stress of past due taxes all at a competitive price. The most effective solution that can help you return to a life of productivity could be waiting for you at my office. My primary task is to help you begin to chip away the tax burdens you may be experiencing, so call my office now!

Ask about our FREE IRS status & settlement report, detailing exactly where you stand with IRS, and where you stand in securing the best possible settlement with them and FREE penalty abatement request. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

My Thoughts About Tax Problems

Experiencing financial hardship can feel hopeless. Many people feel as though there is nothing more isolating or embarrassing than having to live a life of hiding from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or trying to keep up appearances. You may think that no one understands or that no one can possibly help with such a difficult situation. When you feel stranded, it can be easy to think that your financial future is ruined.

I am here to tell you that there is a way out. Everyone will eventually hit rough patches in life, and many people experience financial strains in different ways. Just knowing that you are not the only one experiencing financial burdens should serve as a comfort, but if not, you should be reassured that there have been others who have traveled your path once before and have found relief by allowing me to help.

Individuals across the nation have faced the same troubles that you have faced, encountered the same hardships that you have encountered, and most importantly, have overcome the same challenges that you are about to overcome. There is a way forward. With a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), help can only be a phone call away. My office provides assistance with taxes and all related concerns, especially delinquent federal tax collection cases.

Bill McConnaughy, CPA

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