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IRS Payment Plans

When the unexpected strikes, you need to have a plan for relief.

At William McConnaughy, Your Tax Help Pro, I know that even the most careful individuals can’t prepare for everything. Mistakes happen that can transform your financial life as you know it. When you need help, you can count on a certified public accountant (CPA) to help determine which tax relief options are available to you.

Plan to Resolve Your Past Due Taxes with Regular Payments

If you don’t qualify for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Offer in Compromise Program, then an IRS payment plan may be the way to resolve your tax problems. IRS payment plans can be implemented so long as a tax account is fully paid within a six year period. Your payment plan could help reduce your tax burden and may include:

  • Monthly payments that must be paid in full and on time
  • Lower monthly payments that are customized to your budget and future income
  • Automatic withdrawal options

Setting up a payment plan with the IRS could give you a little more time to pay off your taxes. Unfortunately, interest will continue to build on your tax. Yes, your taxes may be slowly paid off in manageable increments, but interest will still be charged heavily on your outstanding balance. In addition, you should be aware that the IRS may charge you to initiate a plan. You are required by law to pay the interest, penalties, and fees on your tax account, so it is wise to speak with a certified public accountant to determine if a payment plan is right for you at this moment.

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If you aren’t financially ready to pay your entire tax account in full, an installment or IRS payment plan could be ideal for you. IRS payment plans are not for everyone, so I highly advise you to contact a CPA before agreeing to any sort of payment plan with the IRS. Going into a payment plan blindly could have devastating consequences, including further amounts owed. There may be alternative tax relief programs that are a better fit for your personal circumstances, so consult William McConnaughy, Your Tax Help Pro to discuss your options!

When you call my office, I can help establish an installment agreement if it is in your best interest. Or, I can help establish an agreement with the IRS so that you can pay when you are able, especially if you are retired and are on a Social Security income. The first step toward your financial recovery requires action, so call now to schedule a free case evaluation!

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