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Non-filed Tax Returns

Don’t wait for the IRS or state to start levying you for those prior year returns. Or delay amending your tax returns.

When an IRS examiner discovers that an individual has failed to file his or her required federal tax return, the IRS may try to contact you to notify that you have failed to file a tax return. If you fail to respond to the notification sent from the IRS, the IRS may make a tax return on your behalf. More often than not, your best interests will not be served in a tax return filed on your behalf by an IRS examiner. Any deductions or offsets you’re entitled to other than the standard amounts won’t be calculated, and that can cost you plenty – in back taxes, interest and penalties.

The longer you delay, the less patience they’re going to have. Keep on delaying and ignoring their demands, and they’ll start levying your assets – attaching your bank accounts, garnishing your wages, and any other method that will extract the cash they’re demanding. However, how on earth are you going to reconstruct the necessary information? W2’s, 1099’s, lost forms, lost records… that alone can be a nightmare.

Even If You Haven’t Filed Delinquent Tax Returns In Years, I Can Help. Any return, any year, and no records are no problem. Including amended tax returns.

My experience includes:

  • Over 28 years Of Tax Resolution Experience – with over 5,000 cases successfully resolved, and well over 10,000 federal and state, individual and business, back tax returns personally prepared.
  • Insider’s Knowledge of IRS Tactics – having actually been an IRS Revenue Agent, you’ll be getting someone from the inside who knows exactly how the IRS audit and collection process ticks.
  • Master’s Degree in Taxation – With an in-depth understanding of even the most complicated and vexing tax issues, my intricate knowledge of IRS tax law assures your prior year tax returns will be properly prepared.
  • Even the most difficult prior year tax return problems can be straightened out in my client’s favor.

First off, I’ll prevent or stop the IRS and state from seizing your assets – even if they’ve already started garnishment proceedings,

Next, I’ll locate ALL the missing or lost information needed to properly file your back tax returns, while getting you ALL the deductions your entitled to,

Then I’ll file those past year returns with the IRS and/or state – squaring you away once and for all.


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Here’s some even better news: some people who haven’t filed actually DON’T owe any money in back taxes. In fact, sometimes they’re actually going to get a refund.

Getting the best doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay the most. Past year tax return preparation fees start at less than $200 per year, and rarely exceed $400 per year for individual returns.

With rates that are among the most affordable in the industry, my clients never have to settle for anything less than excellence. Your past year taxes will be handled with the utmost in care, consideration and confidentiality.


Tax Return Questionnaires

See downloadable tax organizers below for your use in compiling the information that will be needed to best prepare your federal and state individual income tax returns. I also have organizers available for years 2002 to 2017 upon demand if you need one.  The last six years have been made available here as IRS usually only demands the last six years be filed for delinquent returns.

Absolutely Free and Confidential

Call me, toll free at 1(888) 225-1272 for a free, confidential initial consultation. Tell me your story. And find out how I can get the taxman off your back by filing your back tax returns.

Why do this now? Because the tax collectors aren’t going away by themselves. Every day you wait to file those past year tax returns only makes the situation worse.  So stop worrying – call me today and your unfiled back tax return problems will be resolved for good.

Bonus Reason To Call Me? If you become my tax relief client I will prepare your current year tax returns for you when they must be filed next April 15th for FREE.

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