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Are you suffering from IRS tax collection pressure? Are your financial hardships taking control of your life? Have your tax burdens placed a threat on your business, job, or career? Are you experiencing strain in your marriage, your relationships, your health, your credit, or your everyday life due to a fear of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?

At William McConnaughy, Your Tax Help Pro, I believe that all of these things are integral to your well-being and your financial stability. You deserve to enjoy your life rather than fear that the IRS may be waiting for you around every corner. Financial freedom doesn’t have a price tag. Financial freedom is simply invaluable, and you deserve to experience it.

Whether you know it or not, everyone works with and handles money in one way or another. From making simple decisions such as spending money at a grocery store to putting a portion of a paycheck into a savings account, you weigh financial decisions routinely. Others make executive decisions for big business, and financial exchanges that rule the economy and can even forecast future global economies. Financial decisions large and small can have a ripple effect on people’s lives, so enlisting help to make wise choices with your money and how to handle taxes can be extremely beneficial to your financial health.

Whatever your financial goals may be, I can offer my insight to help you achieve your dream. Many people come to my office only dreaming about what a life of financial freedom could feel like. With help from a certified public accountant (CPA), financial stability could no longer be just a far-off dream; it could transform into a wonderful reality that brings peace of mind and happiness to you and your family!

Bill McConnaughy, CPA

Former IRS Revenue Agent Turned Certified Public Accountant

When one thinks of an IRS Revenue Agent, one typically thinks of a person in a business suit who is a strict enforcer of standards, even if the cost of enforcing those regulations means putting you out of your home. At William McConnaughy, Your Tax Help Pro, you can trust that you will never be treated coldly as if you are merely a case number or file. As a former IRS Revenue Agent, I have utilized my insider knowledge of IRS tactics and protocols to my clients’ advantage, thereby helping people out of seemingly hopeless financial situations. I have the knowledge to help you quickly and correctly identify:

  • Current tax problem status
  • Actions needed to prevent recurrence of tax problems
  • How to achieve tax return filing compliance
  • Proper presentation of financial information to qualify for lowest tax settlement possible
  • Problematic tax collection officers and how to manage or bypass them
  • Opportunities for appellate filings in pursuit of the best settlement
  • Opportunities for penalty abatement
  • Lien release or withdrawal opportunities
  • How to secure the release of levies

Being in the field of accounting, my line of work as a certified public accountant demands an understanding of finances, accounting, and business concepts. On paper this sounds fantastic, but I truly believe that my line of work demands an even greater understanding of the concepts of humanity. When you come to my office, do not expect a mundane or mediocre experience!

I take the approach of looking at the “big picture” because I genuinely care for your financial goals and your personal well-being. Your financial matters demand the attention of someone who is willing to play an active role in your financial recovery and use personal insight for your benefit. At William McConnaughy, Your Tax Help Pro, I founded my personal business philosophy on using my insight to help guide clients through their financial struggles.

Unique Experience & Unique Insight for Your Benefit

When you are facing financial hardships and fear that your tax burdens may become too overwhelming, you need to trust in a certified public accountant. Only an experienced and educated CPA is fully qualified and licensed in accounting and can provide effective financial advice. Not only do I have experience as a former IRS Revenue Agent but I also have nearly 30 years of experience and a master of science in taxation degree. Together, my unique experience and education has put me in the best position to be a trusted partner in helping my clients achieve their financial goals.

Becoming a CPA is a challenging journey, but for an accountant like me, the journey to becoming a certified professional who can help people for a living is well worth the challenge. In my line of work, it is both personally and professionally rewarding to see individuals regain strong financial footing. Helping people recover from financial hardship may be a portion of my job description, but watching individuals leave my office with a feeling of hope and renewed sense of life is what brings joy to my work.

If you are experiencing tax problems or need tax relief service, contact William McConnaughy, Your Tax Help Pro as soon as possible. Tax matters have the potential to be much more serious than one would think, and the faster that you take back control of your finances, the sooner you could experience relief! I offer free evaluations and would love to begin discussing the options that are available to you. Relief could be only one phone call away, so call my office to schedule your free appointment. With my committed service at a competitive price, what do you have to lose? Call my office now!

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