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Free Settlement/Status Reports

Before you commit to paying me anything for my help I am willing to secure absolutely free for you a Settlement/Status Report wherein I will speak with the IRS or state on your behalf to determine exactly where you stand in their collection process, and then interview you to identify what must be done to set you up for the best possible resolution of your case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from knowing this information. And you can have it before you pay me anything.

How can he do this, you may ask? Easy. By being one of the most experienced federal and state delinquent tax collection representatives in the nation. With nearly thirty years of professional practice, including work at the IRS itself as a Revenue Agent. I know the ins and outs of this business like the back of my hand. And unyielding dedication to excellence and ethical practice ensure that client satisfaction is always my goal, and is always achieved.

Click on Recent Cases, and Client Testimonials for proof of what I am saying. I encourage you to click on all available information contained in this website, as it is here for your protection, to ensure that you get your tax situation resolved in the best manner possible for you.

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