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Help with IRS Tax Debt Problems

Help with IRS Tax Debt Problems

You should seek help with IRS tax debt problems before the problem gets too large. It’s much easier to resolve a problem when it’s relatively new rather than wait until the problem has grown to large proportions. A tax negotiator can show you had to arrange an installment agreement.

Reasonable Agreements

It’s possible to ask for an installment agreement with the IRS using one of their forms. But the usual result is they come back with a payment that’s far too large to be reasonable. On the installment request you tell them what your income and expenses are and the agency sends you back the amount they will accept as the minimum monthly payment.

Of course, with the IRS it always seems like there’s a catch. In this case the catch is penalties and interest are still accumulating while you’re making monthly payments. The government gets upset with credit card companies charging so much interest the payment barely touches the principal. Yet it’s worse with the IRS because they charge interest and penalty.

The minimum monthly payment the IRS will accept is the difference between the income and expenses. This payment may work until you have a financial emergency or your expenses unexpectedly rise. A better solution to the problem is to get help with IRS tax debt problems by hiring a tax negotiator to lower your taxes, get the penalty abated and get a lower installment payment.

Together these three actions can result in a reasonable installment agreement that actually pays off the tax account balance within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise you could find yourself paying a large amount each month while the actual balance keeps rising.

Due Consideration

In order for the installment agreement to be considered by the IRS, certain conditions must be met. These include the following.

  • All tax returns are filed
  • There is not enough cash to pay the IRS
  • You can’t borrow the money
  • You have to disclose all assets

Once you meet these conditions, you can get help with IRS tax debt problems. A tax negotiator can approach the IRS seeking to lower your tax debt first and then establishing an installment agreement.

There are lots of ways to get a tax account reduced. These ways include penalty abatement, audit reconsideration or a collection appeal. Of course, the negotiation can also be simply coming to agreement on a payment amount that fits your budget and still leaves room for financial needs and emergencies. Contact a tax negotiation representative and get help with IRS tax debt problems.

A tax negotiator can help with any IRS problem including getting a reasonable installment agreement in place. You don’t have to face the IRS alone and you don’t have to agree to a payment plan that sets you up for failure. A tax representative will make sure you get due consideration from the IRS. You deserve to live life to its fullest, so get help with IRS tax debt problems today!


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