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Help With IRS Problem

Help With IRS Problem

Getting help with an IRS problem is certainly possible when you turn to an expert negotiator. Problems with the IRS are frightening, because most people have heard the horror stories of asset seizures and wage garnishments. But a horror story doesn’t have to become your story when you turn to an intermediary who understands how the IRS works.

Turning the Tables on the Government

There was a day when the IRS was in trouble with the government. People had gotten sick and tired of the agency’s collection practices. The IRS had become a despot organization issuing orders without regard for people’s rights as American citizens.

By 1997, when you needed help with an IRS problem it really didn’t matter, because no one cared about your tax issues. You either paid up when the IRS demanded the money or your account began to go through a series of collection activities including liens and levies and seizures. Congress finally responded to constituent complaints and began a congressional investigation.

What emerged was a horrifying story of government agents taking people’s homes and business, IRS agent abuses, and even a complete indifference to its own rules. The IRS had become an all-powerful agency that no one dared cross.

The congressional hearings turned the tables on the government and began a period that has led to plenty of opportunities for taxpayers to gain a voice when needing help with an IRS problem. Most people admitted during the hearings that it was great watching the head of the IRS agency finally having to explain their high handed policies and procedures.

Within the Law

It’s interesting that Congress had to remind the IRS they have to live within the law. How can a USA agency become so powerful they feel as if they don’t have to obey the laws of the country? Fortunately, Congress instituted a number of changes in the Internal Revenue Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998.

These changes shouldn’t have been necessary, because they basically instructed the IRS to follow the law of the land. But since they were necessary, it’s great news for those who needed help with an IRS problem. If you are in trouble with the IRS there are much recourse you can take to get the problem solved no matter how severe it might be.

A tax negotiator is a specialist who clearly understands the power of the IRS and the power of the citizen to protect their property when operating in good faith. But one thing has not changed since 1998 and that’s the fact you should not try to deal with the IRS alone. The IRS is still powerful, still high handed and still ready to seize your property.

If you need help with an IRS problem, the best step you can take is hiring a tax negotiator who has years of experience.


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