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Getting Tax Relief

Getting Tax Relief

Some people are fooled into thinking that getting tax relief isn’t necessary when it takes a while for the IRS to begin sending delinquent tax notices. But like an arrow hitting its mark, eventually the IRS will find you. When it does you will probably owe taxes, penalties and interest.

Never Represent Yourself

They say only a fool represents him or her self in court. This may sound harsh and there might be exceptions, but there’s a reason why this expression was invented. People who try to represent themselves in court are too close to the situation and usually don’t have the specialized training needed to deal with the system.

This is true for getting tax relief also. People who try to negotiate with the IRS on their own behalf almost always end up paying a lot more than was necessary. The IRS knows taxpayers are unfamiliar with many of the possible tax resolutions and that taxpayers are reluctant to push their cause.

On the other hand, people who can’t pay their back taxes think a tax negotiator is going to be too expensive. The truth is you should not try to resolve your tax issues on your own, and you can afford a qualified tax negotiator. Tax representation in most cases doesn’t even involve an extensive amount of discussion with the IRS when the IRS knows the representative is thoroughly familiar with the collection process.

When the IRS knows you’re unfamiliar with many of the rules and regulations, the agent can easily present a very one-sided view of the resolution possibilities. When you’re trying to act alone, it’s almost guaranteed any settlement you may reach will be far higher than what a tax attorney could have negotiated.

Let an Expert Represent You

There’s really only one way of making sure you are getting tax relief you need and deserve. You should let a tax attorney who has IRS experience and recognition as a successful negotiator represent you. It’s no secret the IRS likes to use lies and tricks in an attempt to force taxpayers to pay more than they should have to pay.

The problem is the individual taxpayer isn’t going to recognize these tricks. You don’t expect a government agency to make false statements or unfounded accusations. Yet it happens all the time. If the IRS were a private business, these practices would be considered deceptive.

Getting tax relief is not hard for an experienced tax negotiator. A tax representative can solve many tax problems through settlement, making an Offer In Compromise, establishing Installment Payments or declaring Injured Spouse status to name a few. So don’t go to court alone and don’t approach the IRS without help.

There’s just no reason to pay more than you should to the IRS. Are you serious about getting tax relief permanently? Contact a professional tax negotiator today!


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