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Federal Income Tax Relief

Federal Income Tax Relief

It should be well-known by now you can get federal income tax relief, but in fact a lot of people are still unaware of this fact. There are a number of ways to negotiate a settlement or payment agreement with the IRS. Unfortunately the IRS will probably be the last agency to point this out to taxpayers.

Fair Share

Most taxpayers are hard-working and honest, and they don’t get into trouble with the IRS on purpose. Instead, circumstances lead to problems which make payment difficult or impossible. You can have the best intentions in the world of paying your fair share of taxes, but when payment is not possible the concept of fairness ceases to have any meaning.

Even when IRS payment arrangements can be negotiated, taxpayers unfortunately end up paying a lot more than they need to. This is because the hard-working taxpayers either don’t understand they can negotiate a lower tax bill or are too afraid to even bring the subject up with an IRS agent. It’s this fear which often drives taxpayers to settle for tax debts that are either unfair, incorrect or need to be adjusted downward.

Getting federal income tax relief is possible for anyone no matter what tax situation exists. The best approach is to hire a tax negotiator who understands all of the options the IRS is required by law and regulation to consider. The negotiator has no fear of the IRS, because he knows taxpayer rights and is perfectly willing to assert those rights in your favor.

Well Kept Secret

Sometimes it seems like the programs of federal income tax relief are a well kept secret. There are millions of taxpayers struggling to deal with the IRS when there are many remedies that could be pursed. These remedies include “Offer In Compromise”, installment agreements, negotiated debt reductions, requesting uncollectible status and even bankruptcy.

The IRS is not going to explain your rights in a way that makes it clear that you have recourse. In fact, when you get a collection letter from the IRS, the wording is so complicated it’s nearly impossible to make heads or tails of the options. If the tables were turned, and you were required by law to explain legal rights, you’d be found negligent sending letters such as the ones sent by the IRS.

On the other hand, the handouts concerning the Taxpayer Bill of Rights are so over simplified, there’s no way you could understand the real options available for federal income tax relief.

The best solution is to use the services of a tax negotiator that can work with the IRS to get you federal income tax relief. This is the most practical way to insure you are well represented and are getting the best payment option possible. You can leave the details to the negotiator who understands all, and not just some, of your rights.


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