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U.S. Tax Debt Relief

U.S. Tax Debt Relief

US tax debt relief is not a benefit reserved just for the wealthy who can afford expensive attorneys. Anyone can find relief when a tax burden has become unbearable and there’s no way to pay. You can, and should, challenge taxes you don’t think are correctly assessed or when you don?t see a good way to pay the assessment.

Making Corrections

US tax debt relief can take many different forms depending on the situation. In many cases, the tax debt is created unexpectedly when you get a letter in the mail telling you there’s been an error on a return and you now owe taxes, penalties and interest. In other cases, the taxes are legitimate taxes owed from unfiled tax returns or unpaid taxes, but there’s simply no money to apply towards the balance due.

Returns that are marked for collection due to an error in the return are processed through a computer system that contains hundreds of automatic letters. It’s frustrating enough to find out you owe taxes, but the frustration level increases when you find yourself dealing with a computer. The IRS calls these computer generated letters and tax return adjustments the IRS Correction Program.

The IRS can make a tax assessment without review or notification. This is like a creditor deciding you owe money whether it’s true or not. Though the burden of proof is suppose to be on the IRS, the reality is the burden of proof has always fallen on taxpayer shoulders. So now you’re confronted with a tax bill for an unclear reason and a total amount due that’s rapidly changing because of penalties and interest.

What makes this whole scenario even worse is that the IRS will mail out collection notices they know are incorrect. The IRS is not infallible and makes mistakes, but their arrogance leads them to ignore what’s right and fair. Finding US tax debt relief is possible though when you use the services of an experienced tax negotiator.

Getting It Right

An IRS tax negotiator can help you deal with any tax debt no matter what source it may have. An experienced tax consultant can help you interpret the vague and confusing computer generated assessment and collection notices. The negotiator can also help anyone who legitimately owes back taxes and has no way to pay.

US tax debt relief can be found in a number of ways. In the case of correction notices, the negotiator can work with the IRS to get the invalid or confusing corrections verified, adjusted or eliminated. A tax consultant can also work with the IRS to settle a debt through an installment plan, or tax debt reduction or elimination.

There’s no reason to assume the IRS has correctly calculated your tax debt when you receive a correction notice. The best approach for finding US tax debt relief is addressing the problem as soon as you become aware it exists.


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