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Tax Relief Associates

Tax Relief Associates

Tax relief associates can take the fear out of an audit and take the sting out of findings which result in an unmanageable tax debt. The words “tax audit” create outright fear in people for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is the lack of control taxpayers feel in an audit situation. The IRS has fostered these feelings through their actions and responses as a psychological compliance tool.

Fearless Audits

When you are notified you are being audited, the first reaction is normally one of anxiety. The IRS has so much power and authority, and they seem like an unstoppable force. But tax relief associates can prove this is a wrong assumption because the IRS can be forced to follow the law and to respect taxpayer rights.

The IRS has spent a lot of resources convincing the American public that not following the tax laws can result in financial devastation. Most Americans would rather pay taxes they don’t owe rather than submit to an audit. The reason isn’t because they have anything to hide. It’s because there is an innate mistrust of the IRS.

In other words, people have no confidence the IRS will be fair and follow the laws and regulations to the best of their ability. IRS agent performance is largely judged by the ability of the agent to find additional tax dollars. Most audits result in additional tax assessments which means the problems are just beginning for the taxpayer.

Tax relief associates can help you through a fearless audit and beyond. A tax representative can assist you with all audit dealings and will work to minimize the financial impact of findings. In addition, your tax negotiator will continue to work with the IRS to establish a reasonable payment solution in the event the assessments create a tax balance you’re unable to pay.

Brave New World

Tax relief associates take the fear out of audits and out of audit findings. The IRS are masters at making people feel as if they have done wrong even when they have done their very best to obey the tax laws. It really seems unfair that a government agency can make the very people who pay their salaries so anxious, but in the IRS world the concept of fairness is negotiable.

Fortunately, it’s a brave new world today. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact they don’t have to fear the IRS when they have acted in good faith. But even in those unusual cases where the taxpayer has created some of his or her own problems, the tax relief associates can assist with the negotiation process.

Audits and audit findings don’t have to be frightening events in your life when you retain one of the qualified tax relief associates.


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