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Tax Negotiation Representation

Tax Negotiation Representation

Tax negotiation representation can help taxpayers needing assistance with their tax issues. Tax issues can involve many different kinds of problems including inability to pay, release of liens and audits. A qualified negotiator has seen every kind of problem taxpayers experience and knows how develop workable solutions with the agreement of the IRS.

Victim Mentality

There’s a kind of victim mentality that taxpayers develop when they have tax related issues with the IRS. This mentality is one of resignation and fear that the IRS can do whatever they want including threatening everything you’ve spent your life building. This mentality was fostered during 3 decades through the 1970s, 1980s and most of the 1990s as people read stories about taxpayers losing their homes, business and a large part of their paychecks.

The IRS is like the giant blob in the old science fiction movie, eating its way through assets and bank accounts. The victim mentality is understandable except for one thing – times have changed. Taxpayers now have certain rights that have given them negotiation power, and yet they still live in fear of the IRS. With tax negotiation representation, you have the ability to keep the IRS from eating its way through your assets.

The reason is for the fear is the fact the IRS doesn’t make the negotiation process easy despite the creation of taxpayer rights. The IRS will seize and lien and attach and levy without breathing a word about your rights. Tax negotiation representation can insure your rights are protected and the IRS does what it should be doing – working out a compromise.

The victim mentality is dangerous, because it causes inertia. You keep getting the IRS letters and notices in the mail and just keep telling yourself it’s hopeless. But there?s not a tax issue in the world that’s hopeless.

Believing in Success

Instead of maintaining a victim mentality, you should take advantage of having access to tax negotiation representation. A tax negotiator can work with the IRS on your behalf in order to find ways to resolve your tax problems. These solutions may include one of the following.

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Audit representation
  • Penalty abatement
  • Lien and levy release
  • Business tax negotiation
  • Installment payments

The IRS has a lot of programs that they don’t like to talk about while trying to collect money. A tax negotiator makes sure the discussion occurs so that you can obtain tax relief. A tax expert can deal with both personal and business tax problems.

If you are quietly accepting all the grief the IRS is doling out during the collection process, you probably have the victim mentality. Getting tax negotiation representation can show you how to shed the victim mentality and assume a proactive attitude about your taxpayer rights. The relief you’ll feel goes far beyond tax relief.


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