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Tax Debt Information
July 27, 2017

Tax Debt Information

Tax debt information can make the difference between paying more tax debt than was necessary or striking a reasonable compromise with the IRS. Anyone who has had to deal with the IRS knows that the agents are not always reasonable and that they certainly don’t care if your life is ruined over a tax debt. But having someone who understands the IRS and its tactics can insure all your taxpayer rights are preserved while seeking relief.

Leveling the Playing Field

If you’ve ever had to talk to the IRS, the first thing you realize is this particular playing field is not level in any way. The IRS has all the power, so it seems, and the one decision they make can affect your life for years to come. If the agent won’t let you work out a compromise or insists you pay the tax in full, the situation seems quite hopeless.

Using a professional who has tax debt information can help to level the playing field. Trying to deal with the IRS on your own is like trying to stand on one end of a board placed on a balance ball. You have no control and no way to stay balanced.

Most people don’t know the full extent of their taxpayer rights. Lacking this knowledge, taxpayers approach the IRS feeling as if they must meekly accept whatever the IRS offers. Of course, most of the time the only offer the IRS makes is the demand for you to make full payment in as short an amount of time as possible.

Dealing with the IRS requires knowledge of taxpayer rights and experience dealing with IRS agents. Tax debt information can be obtained by working with an expert who has gained experience through working one case after another. As a result of this experience, the IRS comes to recognize the representative as knowledgeable, capable and informed.

Play Ball!

Once the playing field is leveled, using your tax debt information can produce impressive results. The tax debt that once made life so unhappy can be reduced or eliminated. The tax collection notices can finally stop showing up in the mailbox. The IRS stops threatening to lien, levy or garnish.

When people try to negotiate on their own, the results are often not so beneficial. In many cases, taxpayers are unable to get penalty abatement or even reasonable payments on an IRS installment agreement. They tend to understate their expenses and don?t leave any maneuvering room in the event of a financial emergency. But once you have an agreement with the IRS, changing it can be very difficult.

By becoming well informed about tax debt information you’re assured of getting the very best payment arrangement from the beginning. Dealing with the IRS can be scary on your own, but when a knowledgeable professional is handling the negotiation process the IRS suddenly becomes more manageable. The money you spend on negotiator fees can be more than recovered through reduced debt, reasonable payments and the knowledge you don’t have to be afraid of the IRS anymore.


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