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Tax Debt Consolidation Help

Tax Debt Consolidation Help

Tax debt consolidation help is the solution to IRS problems that just won’t go away. The IRS has many collection tools at its disposal and the agency will use them all in an attempt to collect taxes. At any point in the process you can get expert assistance negotiating with the IRS, but the sooner the better.

Laundry List

The laundry list of IRS collection methods is not pretty to read, because each method represents forced collection.

  • Levies
  • Penalties
  • Liens
  • Wage garnishments
  • Property seizures
  • Audits

It’s really ironic that the government adds stiff penalties and interest on accounts that aren’t paid simply because there’s no money. In most cases, the taxpayer would be happy to pay the back taxes and put a stop to the IRS collection process. Instead, they get mounting bills that are accompanied by increasingly threatening letters.

If this describes your situation, tax debt consolidation help can be the solution to your problems. Most of the time, when people owe money to the IRS, they don’t just owe for one year. They owe for several years which compounds the problem. The IRS makes no distinction between years in terms of collection and demands you pay the taxes in full right now.

Clean and White

When the laundry needs washing, you add some soap and water and it comes out clean and white. This is comparable to how can view tax debt consolidation. When you owe the IRS for several years of taxes, a negotiator can have all the debt put into the “washer”, add some debt reduction negotiation and clean up your tax accounts so they’re manageable.

There are plenty of kinds of “soap” taxpayers can use to as tax debt consolidation help. There are installment agreements, the Offer in Compromise, lien removals and Innocent Spouse claims for starters. Tax debt consolidation help can also come in the form of debt reduction through penalty and interest decreases and tax write-offs by the IRS as uncollectible.

A tax negotiator will use the expertise gained through their many dealings with the IRS to get all of your tax debt reduced to a manageable level. At that point, negotiations with the IRS will move into establishing a payment plan that requires a single monthly payment or actual elimination of the debt itself.

In some cases, the tax negotiator can assist you with locating the funds to pay the debt through debt consolidation using your existing assets. Once liens and levies are removed, it’s easier to borrow money in order to pay the debt. Tax debt consolidation help can take so many different forms and each situation is unique.

The one thing you should not do is ignore the IRS. They never go away even if you haven’t heard from them in a while. That means you should consider getting tax debt consolidation help today.


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