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Tax Debt Assistance

Tax Debt Assistance

If you are looking for tax debt assistance, a professional tax negotiator can help with the current problems you are facing. You may have a long standing unresolved issue with the IRS or have just recently filed a return and can’t pay the taxes. In between these two sets of issues is a whole range of tax problems that can be frustrating and difficult to solve.

Common Problems

There are many common problems associated with tax payment and collection. You may have filed taxes and not been able to pay the amount due or have failed to file your tax returns. Other common problems include assessment errors made by the IRS, lost tax payments, misidentified taxpayer identifiers, misapplied payments, payroll taxes not remitted and many others.

A negotiator can offer tax debt assistance and tax relief for every kind of tax problem whether it’s common or uncommon. Tax problems can lead to serious consequences when the problems are not addressed as soon as possible. All too often, people convince themselves they have the problems under control rather than admitting they need help.

By the time tax debt assistance is sought, the IRS is deep into their collection process. But it doesn’t matter if the IRS is sitting in your front yard ready to seize your property, a tax negotiator with the experience and working relationship with the IRS can begin the process of reaching a workable solution for the taxes due.

The solutions to common IRS problems include the following.

  • Reaching an Offer In Compromise agreement
  • Establishing an Installment Agreement
  • Negotiating a lower tax account balance due
  • Getting levies and liens released

Tax debt assistance can also negotiate a customized repayment plan based on your financial status. This means that there’s no such thing as a hopeless tax problem.

Uncommon Solutions

A tax negotiator seeks ways to offer tax debt assistance and solve your IRS tax problems. Professional tax attorneys and negotiators have established a respected position in the eyes of the IRS. In other words, not just anyone is able to negotiate a beneficial tax settlement even though the tax laws would suggest otherwise.

The truth is the IRS would rather exert its power and demand full payment. Tax debt assistance is a skilled service that can help you reach an acceptable agreement with the IRS. In this case, acceptable means getting the IRS to accept payment or settlement terms that fit your financial circumstances. It’s a settlement on your terms which is remarkable considering the agency in question.

A tax negotiation representative can provide uncommon solutions to common tax problems! The sooner you seek assistance, the easier it will be to come to agreement. But if you’re dealing with a long term IRS problem, you may very well be the person needing the uncommon solution the most.


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