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IRS Problem Solvers

IRS Problem Solvers

The best IRS problem solvers you can find are professionals who can help you find tax relief. Tax problems may seem as if they are impossible to resolve without filing bankruptcy, but in many cases a mutual agreement can be reached that preserves your assets. The key to tax problem solving is sending an experienced negotiator to speak on your behalf.

Ballooning Debt

Problems with the IRS can literally drag on for years. This is true for all kinds of issues ranging from an overdue tax payment to error corrections. Letters fly back and forth, back and forth, with no resolution in sight. The IRS doesn’t like to admit when it’s made a mistake and you can’t pay your debt if you don’t have the money.

While all the letters are exchanging hands between you and the IRS, the penalties and interest charges are being added. It’s like watching a balloon being blown up as the tax debt gets noticeably higher each month. The one difference is this balloon won’t pop and will only get larger and larger.

IRS problem solvers, or tax negotiators, should become involved in tax resolution proceedings as soon as possible. Of course, you know when you owe taxes for income statements filed in the past. But many people don’t find out the IRS has created a tax debt account that’s accumulating interest for many months. The backlog of work and shortage of IRS personnel often equates to a lag in notification.

It’s very upsetting to get a notice of a tax amount due that has already been subjected to penalties and interest without your knowledge. The IRS has 3 years in which its allowed to make adjustments to returns that have been filed. In many cases they take the full 3 years to notify you of a tax problem.

Popping the Balloon

When a tax debt balloons without your knowledge, you have plenty of ways to pop the balloon. Tax negotiators are IRS problem solvers and can work with the IRS to either get the interest on penalties canceled or to get the entire interest amount canceled when the IRS is at fault. You can’t get the problem solved until you begin negotiations with the IRS.

IRS problem solvers have the knowledge and experience it takes to deal with the IRS. The IRS employs ruthless collection procedures. Even though the Tax Reform Act resulted in modified language in collection letters and made it much more difficult for your personal residence to be seized and auctioned, you can still find yourself facing an unrepentant IRS even when the debt is due to an IRS mistake.

IRS problem solvers are like taking pins to those ballooning tax accounts. Tax negotiators can work with the IRS to either get interest canceled, penalties abated, errors corrected or a reasonable payment solution implemented.


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