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A new lease on life for me
July 20, 2017

A new lease on life for me

“Mr. McConnaughy helped me get through the mess I had created with the IRS. Up until that point not having filed returns for years and owing a massive amount of money to the IRS from an audit back in 2001. I needed the best available help to straighten out my situation. I almost thought and hoped that the IRS would forget about me. What a mistaken belief! They eventually do catch up with you. Who do you trust with all of these problems? There are many scams and untrustworthy people who make lots of claims. I searched high and low and came across Mr. McConnaughy’s website. After reading all the reviews I realized this was the “real deal’ to get me out from under. His company is very straight forward with the way they operate. He does everything timely. Most importantly for me he was a “godsend” as I did not to deal directly with the IRS and the stress associated with the process. Glad to say Mr. McConnaughy got me a deal that resolved all of my overdue taxes in a very satisfactory manner and I am now up to date on all my filings. A new lease on life for me! Thank you again Mr. McConnaughy for all of your help! A++++ Please feel free to use this on your website if you like. Again thank you for helping me with my situation. Cordially, John S.”


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